Exploring North Andrews Gardens, Florida

North Andrews Gardens, Florida: A Community Rich in History and Culture

North Andrews Gardens, FL

North Andrews Gardens, a neighborhood in Broward County, Florida, offers a unique blend of historical significance and community spirit. This guide delves into the area’s past, geographical features, significant places, influential figures, and demographic details.

History of North Andrews Gardens


North Andrews Gardens‘ history is intertwined with the broader development of Broward County. Emerging in the post-World War II era, the neighborhood was part of the housing boom that catered to returning veterans and their families. Over the years, North Andrews Gardens has evolved from a primarily residential area to a diverse community, maintaining its suburban charm while adapting to the growth of the surrounding regions.

Geography of North Andrews Gardens


Situated in the northern part of Broward County, North Andrews Gardens is part of the greater Fort Lauderdale area. The neighborhood is characterized by its suburban layout, with a mix of residential properties and local businesses. The area enjoys a tropical climate, typical of South Florida, with warm, sunny weather conducive to outdoor activities and community events.

Important Places in North Andrews Gardens


North Andrews Gardens, while primarily residential, is close to several landmarks and attractions:


Easterlin Park

A nearby park offering camping, disc golf, and nature trails.

Funky Buddha Brewery

A popular local brewery known for its craft beers and community events.

Coral Ridge Country Club

A nearby country club providing golf, tennis, and social activities.

Lockhart Stadium

A sports venue in the vicinity, hosting soccer games and other events.

North Andrews Gardens Elementary School

A central educational institution in the community.

Notable People from North Andrews Gardens


North Andrews Gardens may not be widely known for famous residents, but the community’s growth and development have been shaped by local leaders, educators, and business owners. These individuals contribute significantly to the neighborhood’s character and community life.

Census Details


North Andrews Gardens reflects a diverse demographic, with a mix of age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles. The neighborhood’s population dynamics offer insights into the changing face of suburban South Florida.

North Andrews Gardens, Florida, with its rich history and suburban appeal, offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of South Florida. From its post-war housing beginnings to its current status as a diverse and vibrant community, North Andrews Gardens exemplifies the spirit of a neighborhood that has grown and adapted while maintaining its unique identity. Whether it’s enjoying the natural beauty of Easterlin Park, experiencing the local flavor at Funky Buddha Brewery, or engaging in community activities, North Andrews Gardens provides a blend of tranquility and community engagement, making it a notable area in the Fort Lauderdale region.



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